Real Estate Tax

Whether you are managing for a family office or a corporation, real estate investment benefits from strategically managing investments to optimize structure, cashflows, and tax efficiency.

We Provide the Following Offerings:

  • Fund & Investment Strategy
  • Financing Strategy
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Holding Period / Value Optimization
  • Exit Strategy

Why A&M

At A&M, our Real Estate solutions team we combine our broad range of insights with practical application of operational knowledge to advise companies on every step of the investment life cycle. Our expertise and access to the wide range of consulting disciplines within A&M help clients think through transactions and real estate platform structures that work in tandem with their business strategy.

The A&M Difference

  • Global knowledge bank: Our international professionals have a firm grasp of the complexities of real estate management and tax requirements across around the world. With cross-border transactions or holdings, we can consolidate advice from international professionals and communicate it in business language the Client can understand.
  • Operational skill: Many professionals on our team have operational experience working in real estate and fund platforms and the requirements of different stakeholders. This enhances our ability to anticipate and strongly align with the Client’s needs, as well as ensuring that the needs of the different stakeholders are addressed.
  • Transactional expertise: Our team is very experienced in real estate and related transactions, understanding the complexities, risks and being able to advise on appropriate strategies. We offer clear and unambiguous advice to our clients to enable them to achieve their objectives in transactions.
  • Expert compliance strategy: We offer a thorough framework for addressing primary and tangential concerns related to the complex governmental rules and regulations governing real estate transactions and portfolio management across the globe.
  • Objective integrity: Bringing the highest integrity, a core value of the firm, to transactions and portfolios we help structure, we can provide advisory services through the complete life cycle of assets. Because we are not an audit firm, potential conflicts of interest are minimized or eliminated, and we can “lean into” our role as an advocate and creative advisor to our Clients.
  • Coordination among disciplines: As a global, coordinated real estate advisory practice, a Client team will be represented by partners from all of our service lines, working together to arrive at solutions that meet both the business and operation needs of the Client, as well as the optimal tax and structuring positions.

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Meet Our Practice Leaders

    • Elizabeth “Libby” Goodwin

    • Managing Director
    • New York, NY
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    • Kersten Muller

    • Managing Director
    • London, UK
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    • Yvette Chan

    • Managing Director
    • Hong Kong, CN
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