Valuation Tax

Nearly every transaction has potential tax consequences across a multitude of tax jurisdictions. Companies want to be prepared for the tax complexities of international operations, but also need advice on the implications of cross-border transactions. International tax professionals help clients navigate the increasingly complex processes of international tax.

We Provide the Following Offerings:

  • Intercompany valuation of legal entities and assets
  • Intercompany estimation of interest rate and debt capacity
  • Cost segregation and tax fixed assets ledger management
  • Legal entity, tangible assets, intangible assets purchase valuations
  • Valuation of intangible assets as part of related party transfers
  • IRC Section 280(g) – non compete agreement valuations
  • FIRPTA testing – real and personal property as well as enterprise valuations
  • Emerging company valuation
  • Valuation of trade secrets for insurance purposes
  • NOL limitation and built-in gains – valuations of companies and entities
  • Preferred stock coupon rates
  • IRC Section 409A valuations
  • Complex securities valuations
  • Valuation of entities and fractional interests for gift and estate tax

Why A&M

A&M’s Valuation Tax services help clients by placing a tax-related value on overall companies, legal entities, spun-out businesses, tangible and intangible assets, and fractional interests. As your business prepares for regulatory scrutiny and organizational growth, A&M’s team of dedicated tax valuation professionals will provide valuations for a variety of tax purposes. Through our assistance, we will reduce tax burdens that will yield cash benefits, provide nuance regarding valuations, and risk management to proactively help our clients align with tax authorities.

The A&M Difference

What differentiates A&M’s Valuation Tax service practice is our capability to team with other tax and corporate consulting teams inside A&M and provide senior-level leadership and experience that leads to comprehensive results.

A&M clients always have access to top talent in the field. Each project team is led by one of our highly experienced tax valuation partners while working closely with our broader tax team to ensure the engagement is conducted with maximum efficiency.

Close coordination with the tax team is vital to ensure the assumptions applied in the valuation analysis do not contradict any tax positions, such as transfer pricing documentation, and ensure the resulting value is supportable and consistent with the specific tax purpose. This provides seamless engagement integration and an understanding that valuation is critical to a much larger tax and commercial picture.

Meet Our Practice Leaders

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    • Senior Director
    • New York, NY
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