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Sep 08, 2020

Ahead of the Curve: A Biden Tax Landscape Outlook

Tax Insights

The potential for any part of the Biden Plan to make it into the Internal Revenue Code will depend in large part on the balance of power in Congress.  However, if everything goes according to his “plan,” new legislation inspired by the Biden Plan could kick-in as early as January 2021 when the new Congress is expected to convene.  Even if legislation is not passed during January 2021, and it’s passed at a later date, Congress may enact the new tax legislation retroactively to January 2021. A&M Taxand does not express any opinion or predictions on the election results, nor is it certain in any way that the Biden Plan, or other legislative tax measures, may be introduced in 2021 or later. Nevertheless, knowing the proposals on the table and understanding their consequences, may be critical to all taxpayers considering year-end planning after the election is settled.

In this paper A&M Taxand’s Vicky CastroKenneth Dettman, and Juan Carlos Ferrucho, as well as Michael Eagan and Tyler Horton provide a summary of the key proposals within the Biden Plan for individuals, estates, and businesses to consider in connection with the upcoming election.

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