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Jul 29, 2020

Downsizing Your Workforce – Calculating the Cost

Tax Insights

We recognise these are difficult times, and even with the economic support measures announced on 8th July 2020 by the Chancellor, the reality is that widespread job cuts are now taking place in the UK and with this comes the onerous and complex task of calculating termination payments.
If employers take timely and accurate advice, they can:

Alvarez and Marsal are experts in restructuring and within A&M Tax, we have developed a number of tools to help clients with the complexities of calculating the cost of severance arrangements and optimising the tax efficiencies available. Whether you are a large organisation that needs to perform multiple calculations, or a family owned business making difficult strategic decisions for the future, we have the tools and knowledge to help. With so much going on at the moment the result is internal finance and HR teams are stretched to the max whilst potentially also being under consultation themselves.

Our team can provide support and practical help with:

The assurance and comfort this provides, along with an independent eye across very difficult decisions, can add real value, support and insight.
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