Publish Date

Oct 03, 2023

Non-Executive Directors Fees In the FTSE All-Share 2023

Industry Insights

The convergence of several factors is fostering renewed interest in the level of non-executive director (NED) fees in UK-listed companies. In recent years, fee increases have failed to keep pace with UK inflation, resulting in a decline in the real-terms value of NED compensation. Concurrently, growing demand for diverse and highly skilled NED talent, combined with a widely acknowledged escalation in the complexity and time requirements of the role, should have exerted upward pressure on fees. For this year’s NED fees report, we therefore take a step back to examine some of these contextual factors.

The report provides the latest market data, trends, and developments regarding NED fees in FTSE 100, 250 and Small Cap companies. It also includes additional data points in areas such as the frequency of NED fee reviews, payment in shares and/or the use of shareholding guidelines, and NED travel allowances.