Publish Date

Jun 30, 2020

Valuation Tax Expert Philip Antoon Partners with Crown Jewel Insurance to Provide Value of Trade Secrets

Tax Insights

We frequently discuss the benefits of companies aligning intellectual property (“IP”) assets with their operations in a tax efficient manner. As tax-efficient IP structures are part of a holistic management of many companies’ most valuable assets, we would be remiss if we also didn’t mention how companies can simultaneously protect certain IP assets. Our focus today is on trade secret assets – often considered the “crown jewels” of any company – which can now be protected through a new trade secret insurance product through Crown Jewel Insurance.

Valuation Tax expert Philip Antoon and Crown Jewel Insurance discuss the importance of valuing and safeguarding the worth of an organization’s trade secret assets, which can be an integral part of any organization aligning its intellectual property and operations in a tax-efficient manner. Check out “The Value in Valuation” podcast.

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